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I'm part of the part which at the first was all

Inside the horizon

Words are piling up in my mouth. Bit by bit they crawl up my throat, having only one purpose….to escape. They’re running away from my bewildered heart as it is lashing out on everything that dares to come to close. Mercilessly destroying all the thoughts of reasoning which fight a brave war against the pain. I can tell by the cracks in the deep red armor that it’s bad. It won’t likely stand against rationality. Too weak. I guess after I had it pieced back together some time ago it isn’t as strong as it used to be. Guess, I already lost warranty. I can feel how the sounds start to form but I won’t let them out. My lips will be sealed. I will swallow each and every one of it even if I have to choke.  The words are begging to come out. Almost as if they had been created only for this moment. But I won’t let them. No, I will be strong. They’re slowly gliding back down, leaving bitter trails on their way into the obscurity of my chest. And as they fall down into the horizon of the black hole I can’t help but wonder…How much longer will your name burn on my lips?
All the words implode with a bloodcurdling scream inside of my heart before it dies away in the darkness. It gets still…very still. Just like before.